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Spell to Let Go of Regret

We all have things we wish we had done, or more often, things we wish we hadn't done.   The remorse is often overwhelming and can sometimes haunt us for months or even years.  It can shake our confidence, make us fearful of the future and prevent us from moving on with our lives.  This is a spell to help you overcome these feelings. 

You will need:

*2 cones of sandlewood incense (for healing)
*small piece of sodalite (for peace)
*dried lavender (for peace)
*blue tea candle (for healing/peace)
*illuminator candle
*access to a river or deep creek
*one toy wooden boat  (Can be found at hobby shops or on ebay.  If you're crafty, you can carve your own or even construct a raft of popsicle sticks, all that really matters is that it floats)

Timing:  Full Moon, New Moon or Sunset

Preperation:   Write down exactly what you regret and why.  Write down what you wish you would have done differently and what wish the outcome would have been if you could do it over.  Make sure your chosen boat floats.

1.  Take your spell components down to the water's edge.  Roll out your altar cloth or set up your tools on a tree stump and light the illuminator candle.

2.  Take your piece of paper with your regrets written on it, place the piece of sodalite in the center and fold it into a neat square.  Place it in the bottom of the boat

3.  Cover the paper with a generous layer of dried lavander in the bottom of the boat.

4.  Light the blue tea candle and place it on top of the bed of dried lavander.

5.  Light the two cones of sandlewood incense and place them in either end of the boat.

6.  Pick up your boat and wade into the water as far as you can.  Say:

"Great Merciful Mother of many daughters
"Wash over me with your healing waters
"Too long I have mourned the cost of my vice
"But wasted time was the greatest price
"As I let go of my mistake, may I not forget
"But  remember wisely and without regret

Let go of the boat and let it float away.

"From the pain of the past I now turn
"To face the future with what I've learned
"May the sun of my soul draw up the rain
"So that I may rejoice in what I've gained"

7.  Turn around, wade out of the water and walk away without looking back.
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Dream Job Spell

Looking for a great job? This will help.

*Cinnamon (burned or in a sachet or infusions for success)
*allspice (burned or in mixtures for money)
*clove (burned for money)
*devil's shoestring (carried while seeking employment)
*piece of green paper
*5 green candles
*dollar bill
*cauldron or fire-safe bowl
*charcoal disk
*green thread
*green felt or fabric

Timing: Thursday during the waxing moon.

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People are always telling me that they have trouble finding witchcraft supplies because they don't live near an occult shop. I come from a small town, so I understand this predicament. But don't let that stop you! There are plenty of places to find spell components/witchcraft supplies. Here are a few common places to look.

PS Feel free to comment and add your own!

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Grocery Stores

Herbs: Virtually anything in the spice section of your grocery store can be used to enhance your spells. Allspice, Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Garlic and Ginger, just to name a few.

Sea Salt/Kosher Salt: A lot of spells call for sea salt or Kosher salt.

Spring Water: Bless and use in spells that call for Blessed or Holy Water

Fruits and Vegetables: Like herbs, almost any vegetable can be used for its magickal properties. I've used avocados, tomatoes, peaches, onions, lemons, limes, apples, cherries, coconuts and oranges.

Wine: Used for the cakes and ale rite that some witches preform at the end of a ritual.

And don't forget food magick!

Craft Stores

-Scrap-booking supplies for your Book of Shadows
-Beads for making talisman and amulets
-Empty glass jars and bottles to store herbs and oils
-Scented oils (usually no essential oils, but still useful)
-Candle-making supplies
-Brooms that can be decorated and used as besoms
-Card-board and unfinished wooden boxes for making spell boxes
-Felt for making sachets and poppets

Book Stores

Books, obviously: All large bookstores have an New Age/Occult studies section where you can find books on a wide range of various metaphysical subjects.

Tarot Cards: Most bookstores carry tarot decks, oracle cards, meditation decks and other divination tools.

Blank Books: A great place to find your next blank Book of Shadows.

Nature Science Stores

A lot of malls have what at the moment I can only think to call "Natural Science Shops" where they sell things like rain sticks and cds called "Sounds of the Ocean." Maybe you know what I'm talking about. Anyway. They're good places to find tumbled gemstones.

Gardening Supply Stores

Seeds: One of the best ways to get in touch with the cycles of nature is to grow and harvest your own magickal herbs.

Garden Statues: Statues of fairies, angels, gnomes and even religious figures can be blessed and placed in the garden for protection of the home and family.

Outdoor Sacred Space: Building your own outdoor sacred space is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. You can do anything you want. Plant flowers and herbs that draw spiritual vibrations. Put in a fountain, pond or birdbath for the element of water, wind chimes for air, a fire-pit or stone surface for fire. Some gardening stores have large stone slabs that can be used as an outdoor altar.

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8-Day Weight Loss Spell

You will need:

*a bowl of salt
*a bowl of rainwater
*sage or smudge stick
*1 small red candle
*peppermint (to suppress appetite)
*ginger (for success)
*ginseng or catnip (for health and beauty)
*High John the Conqueror (to fight cravings)
*orange or yellow calcite (for energy)
*7 small black candles
*a piece of white or pink fabric/felt
*needle/white thread
*a clipping of your hair or fingernails

Timing: Full to waning moon

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Preparation: From the fabric/felt, cut out two identical figures the approximate shape of your body and write your name/birthday on both. Decide how much weight you want to lose, and then divide that number by seven. If you do not get a round number, round up or down to the nearest whole number divisible by seven. (And you thought you’d never use that sixth-grade math again). For example, if you want to lose twenty pounds, round up to twenty-one, divide by seven again and you get an even three. Take the number that you come up with, translate into a Roman numeral (III for example) and carve that Roman numeral into each black candle.

1. On the night of the full moon, sew the poppet, stuffing it with ginseng, ginger, peppermint, High John the Conqueror, calcite, and a clipping of your hair or fingernails.

2. Cleanse and consecrate. Pass the poppet through the sage smoke, sprinkle it with salt and then rainwater.

3. Place the red candle on top of the poppet and chant:
“This poppet is a representation of me,
“Charge it with willpower and energy”

4. Let the candle burn down all the way.

5. On the first night after the full moon, place one black candle on top of the poppet, light it and chant 9 times:

“At a healthy and steady rate
“Help me lose this excess weight!”

6. Repeat every night for the next 6 nights or until the candles are gone.

7. On the last night, bury the poppet at the crossroads.

8. Give the spell time to work. Obviously, you are not going to lose 35 pounds over night.

*Do not negate the magick by pigging out. Magick does not work that way. Showing the universe your commitment to losing weight will lend a great deal of power to the spell. Go for a twenty minute walk everyday and watch the foods you eat.

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Creativity Spell

You will need:

*1 whole coconut
*peanut butter
*bird seed
*2 yellow candles
*a piece of orange calcite
*instrument of your art
*a sample of your artwork
*yellow ribbon
*a hot glue gun/glue sticks
*dried dandelions

Timing: Wednesday during the waxing moon.

1. Cut open and hollow out the coconut.
2. Fill the coconut with hyssop, cloves, ginger, dried dandelions, cinnamon, a piece of orange calcite and the instrument of your art (pen paintbrush, ect.) OR the instrument of your art (a poem you’ve written, a picture you’ve taken, a drawing you’ve sketched, even a demo tape).
3. Hot glue the two haves of coconut back together.
Tie the yellow ribbon firmly around the coconut so that there is a loose end you will be able to tie from a tree.
4. Cover the coconut with peanut butter. Spread the bird seed on a newspaper and roll the coconut in them so it’s coated with birdseed.
5. On a Wednesday during the waxing moon, place the coconut on you alter between the two yellow candles. (Make sure there’s something like newspaper to protect you’re alter—this is a messy spell.) Chant:

“May every bird who plucks a seed
“Bring me a new idea that I need”

6. Hang the coconut from a tree in your yard.
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Beauty Jar Spell

You will need:
*1 whole avocado
*1 Mason jar
*1 lavender-colored votive candle

Timing: May Day

1. Place the lavender, avocado, ginseng and catnip in the Mason jar.
2. Depending on what feature you want to enhance, include a corresponding cosmetic (eyeliner for eyes, lipstick for lips, foundation for skin, ect.)
3. At dawn on May Day, go outside with the jar and find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed.
4. Place the lavender candle on top of the jar and chant:

“Beautiful woman within
“Make me as stunning on the outside as I am in my dreams
“Beautiful woman with in
“Make me the fairest of all the May Queens”

5. Bury the jar near the roots of a rose bush.
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Hey, guys, just thought I'd let you know I started a community for posting/requesting spells.  You're all very welcome to come join!  Membership is open!  It's called thecauldron
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Psychic Dreams Spell


You will need:


*bay leaves




*a bottle of spring water

*a piece of amethyst

*9 purple candles


Timing:  Full Moon


1.  Create an infusion by boiling dried bay leaves, wormwood, peppermint, lavender and mugwort in spring water.

2.  Strain and cool.

3. Carve the symbol of an eye on each candle.

4.  On the night of the full moon, pour the infusion in the bowl and set it out so that the moonlight is reflected in the surface.  Place the amethyst at the bottom.

5.  Surround the bowl with the candles and as you light each one, chant:


“Before the full moon’s next rise

“May this blessed water open my third eye”


6.  Leave the bowl out over night and let the candles burn down all the way.  Obviously, be mindful of fire safety.  If you do not have a stone or fire-safe surface, extinguish the candles and do not leave them unattended.

7.  The next morning, funnel the infusion into a bottle and refrigerate.  Every night until the next full moon, anoint your eyes with the water before you go to sleep.

god bless the world

Banishing Spell

A simple banishing spell to eliminate people or bad habits from your life.

You Will Need:

*one black candle
*a piece of black felt or cloth
*dried onions
*a peice of paper (parchment is always nice, but whatever you have)

Timing: Full to Waning moon

1. Sew a planket (for a bad habit) or a poppet (for a person) out of the black felt or fabric.

2. Write the bad habit on a peice of paper (if it's a person, include their name and birthdate). I like to use exotic characters or magickal alphabets because it taking the time to translate them focuses my energy, but you can just write it.

3. Stuff the planket or poppet with the garlic, onions, the peice of paper and, if it's a person, a peice of their clothing or a personal object that belongs to them (a lot of people like to use hair, but it's kind of difficult to obtain someone's hair without them noticing).

4. Carve the word "Banish" in the candle, place it on top of the planket/poppet and let it burn down all the way.

5. Bury it in the woods under the full moon and walk away without looking back.